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Bestraffning & Beloning (Harsh Head Rituals 2008)

   A Goteborg’s darker and blatant project of Industrial music growling in noises experiments as the main mastermind Thomas Martin Ekelund might be your imaginable of the real thing on modern day Freddie Krueger capturing all your biggest fear about anything dangerous, deadly or disgusting actively – through this atmospheric sessions off Trepaneringsritualen. One of those destructive and non-human recording release must be this debut album entitled Ritualer, Blot Och Botgoring which meant to be related closer to the murderous and the kidnapping or the mutilated after the mutating results of a man’s life getting ruined by tiem and social conditions – turning every single things of him from a social being to an anti-social hatred and those tracks of instrumentals or disturbing defy noises programming might infected some listeners  to change their perspective about the world and the entire living things inside it. Whether you like Black Heaven/White Hell implementations to En Sista Dag I Helvetet and perhaps, touching the forbidden border of insanity through Knife Play shall forever releasing you from the bond of being a hypocrite to yourself and to your beloved parents and family. Unchained yourself and go for the greater attempts on the bigger picture experience.