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Bersinar Kita (Sony Music 2009)

   Starting themselves a career on an independent path like those heroes influencing them before this as Kuta, Bali based famous professional Punk-Rock locale group and national-wide as well calling themselves Superman Is Dead imperfectly, vulnerable this hour after the tragic explosions that hits the gods island twice and killed many tourists and locals brought the resemblance for themes and stories behind the self-written music and lyrics for the sixth recording releases there as the trio trying to keep strong and wiser even after the horrific events happening based on inferior hatred and stupidity mixed with fanatic views resulting devastation and mistrust; Bobby Kool (lead vocals, guitars), Eka Rock (bass laid-back and backing vocals) and Jerinx/Jrx (drums) given back the positive spreading on  motivations to everyone to stand-up again facing the problems and differences with a better trust and friendships in the band’s Pop-Punk and Rockabilly movements that also influencing many of Balinese bands after them and nation-spreads following their blue-print musical and for this project album called Angels and The Outsiders! Exciting to listening to and you may wanted to go to visiting Bali soon and because of the either one way or another – one might liking Superman Is Dead repertoir like Jika Kita Bersama, Poppies Dog Anthem, Nights of The Lonely through Menuju Temaram, The Days of a Father all the way for Saint of My Life and Luka Indonesia.
   Things amazing lies there in Bali Island – isn’t just partying all night and day, women’s pussy as trophies or drinking irresponsibly but more than that the beauty of the natural local heritage, brotherhood and unity which carries altogether by ageless and harmony on peace achieved towards everyone.

Angels and The Outsiders: