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Being Problem, Houston (Left Hand path 2017)

   By the name of the real person with musical talents for Brian D. Hock; the Techno/House producer of San Francisco (USA) or being lesser-known by his other personalities like Resident Advisor or Tiger Beat 6 but on this moment occasion we can simply, calling him with C.L.A.W.S – as these energetic force of non-popular stinging music via the mixture of Electronic experimental on IDM, Dub-Industrial and Post-Punk marking the essential situations over ambient and noise-electro in fearful gothy enthusiasm following the freaky disc-jock tensions within Far From The Eyes of Heaven to Nightstalkin’ as the theme went obviously, natural towards killer instinct as instrumental music parade tunes or monstrous hungry cat-like beast comes and go like the forfeit nervously, like slimmer coated radioactive bass experiments from Miami area – perhaps.

Bronze aging of synth-bass-drums launching brilliant minded for the future solitude of extinction of men may starting through this album – Stygian Morass !