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Baw Baw Grunt (Hypyractyv Larynx Frogquencies 2017)

   Firstly, one won’t really realizing about what kind of creature truly is – this Phyllomedusa sounded alike. Perhaps, by seeing their artworks – this would be a lost techno-artificial experiments or ambient  tracne Goa type scene genre but … then, things getting roughly wrong as you trying to have a good moment for listening onto one recording released by the group/project and  there you have it – the typhoon blasts of standard weirdness version of for Grindcore and Goregrind and Sludgy Metal grungy experience truly comes out to prey.
Fijian Effluvium must be the band’s credits to be called extreme but fun; as thus record teasing you with many aspects off the grinding terror sounds and musical mayhem of a dead corpse washed a shore within Luxuriously Indwelling in Beqa Lagoon I View The Lovo in which not only Ember is Burning but also The Remains I Placed within, Carved & Thrown Overboard (The Seaward Splitter), Taro Cloaked in Corpuscles (Taveuni Aestheticism), or Decompress in Laucala Decompose in Qamea and (perhaps via the second disc of Fijian Holiday with) The Viti & Levuka Wrinkles (Playmantis Vitiensis/Vitianus) onto Meat Market of Ovalau sending your imaginations over the scattered pacific coasts and islander places where cannibalism and primitive lives still exists there …