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Bath Maggot (Independent 2015)

   Dubuque – Iowa’s Death Metal gore and undead horde-themes write-able force of devastating days of the renew where mankind just about being wiped out and continuosly, forced to their brink of extinction by the dead rising waves that consuming flesh, intestines and more to re-animated you onto one of them by infection bites. With Jason Guler (bass, vocals), Josh DeMuth (guitar, vocals) and Greg Mueller (drums) trio of destructive group naming themselves as Mutilated By Zombies as hunger has taking over the eligible humanity minds and turning it to a primitive lifeform on Decimation Sentence – a like of theme where men finally, seeing the effects of global disaster and collapsing of society and even the civilizations of modern world caused by their own experiments years before the exposion occurs.

This EP saw the answers over the questioning comes aftermath since the first patient x or the incidents happened around your backyard or city as the punishments from the creations of false disease turning from cures to fiasco. 

Have a rest with Mock The Sun or The Tenth Man or Termination Through Fixation (Reborn) and hold your words.

Decimation Sentence: