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Backstroke Bermuda (Bandcamp 2011)

   Technical Grind-core/Metal-Core or Death Metal Progressive and Gore-Grind mixture of hatred and brutality of Brazen Bull from Brisbane formed by guitarist Craig Taylor, bassist Adam Taylor, drummer Simon Goudkamp and vocalist Weldon Mac Donald didn’t wanted to lose seconds of chance to stop what they’ve started and known via the technical prog-guitar riffs, illuminates punishing of the six strings bass or uncompromising destructive vocals trying to get lost hiding from The Travelling Parasite – a bacteria from outer-space which something already slowly grown onto a very dangerous flesh eater and cursing the hosts to nurturing them under their skins and their genital organs until the time is right for the little periscope monsters shown up and that moment won’t be pretty to see via The Travelling Parasite. 
Brazen Bull presenting the opener track – Ingesting Houdini’s Belt 02:27 onto Sporting a Nevada Tan for 02:43 and New York city ready on perhaps, the seventh heaven of Screamo-metallic whilst Alexis Went on a Cruise around The World and Married a Sultan as the blinded host also screaming like terrifying but nobody can helped the people excepts – Bill and The Clonosaurus. 

Fictionally, a reality !

The Travelling Parasite: