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Back Bringing (Victory Records 1996)

   Cleveland – Ohio’s semi legendary metallic Hardcore and active pulse for destructions in various line-ups formed in the late eighty-nine era; the holy terror musical mayhem from Integrity (the band) consisting of Dwid Hellion (vocals), Domenic Romeo (guitar, bass), Joshy Brettell (drums) and live musicians such as Francis Kano (bass) and Tony Hare (guitars) made their career world gone around for about several years in a decade with noises and Hardcore combinations as the Heavy Rock prolong the clashing collision on the expansive third recordings here via Humanity is The Devil as a statement that actually, cannot be argued by anyone since the making of it; with them comes the featuring Psywarfare on Drowning in Envy or the group’s own written products such as Jagged Visions of My True Destiny, Trapped Under Silence, Hollow, Abraxas Annihilation or Dead Wrong; bring the hateful themes against the modern commercial new world to the highest level possible – making In Contrast of Sin and Psychological Warfare meaningful as a destructive soundtrack for the street riot.

Humanity Is The Devil: