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A’tuin’s Journey (Indiependent 2017)

Poznan – Poland’s trio whom performing their variety influences over Rock Stoner; Psychedelic Space and Doom Rock as well performed by Pablo (guitars, vocals), Marmur (drums) and Heszu (bass guitar) on their massive compositions on thuse exhibits on thus high level or lower beats available through the cosmic incarnations or addictions by the likes for Black Sabbath or Kyuss or guitar music terror crew amazingly, making people gone head-bangs hard now. Closing the deal for these titles and the story behind the themes sessions like Drowned in Sand, Sativa Jam Session, Streamroller Motherfucker!, Slave or Imhotep’s Misery may encourage the inner vision or the outdoor’s missions on Tortuga’s slef-titled (Tortuga album) featuring most of thus instrumental things to sacredly, follows or burnt the casts among stars and silence.

Another occult-mixed suspends which truly exciting and eerie at the same time.