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Atoms Larmes (Self-Released 2013)

   As being written, produced and mastered by Jean Patier; the nature-based Curves album leaving you within the surrounding tracks of peaceful and conscious gathered over the minimalist Tri-Hop blending to Downtempo and Electronic Chillout via Boreals where the birds are chirping through your stereo system, Black Train comes as the fore-runner to the walks in the silent woods within Left Box or Tree Cantus and Dive Out as the next steps of these instrumental sessions made well by French’s project files of Auditive Escape on the release. As the November sun getting dim and the further weather changing to colder season ends; set your achievement goals before the martyr awaken to shouting for mercy and justice over the planet being not well preserved by men through several centuries before.
The beats of calming methods or the speechless signs of time might turned to allowing the present and the future ruined by today’s choice of yours on how to helping the world from consuming itself slow …