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Ashes Illusion (Coroner Records 2013)

Espoo – Finland next ultimate exports since the beginning of the early new millennium arrival with nono-exception name picked to be Damnation Plan where these metallic-heads unit consisting of Antti Lauri (lead guitars), Jarkko Lunnas (drums), Asim Searah (clean vocals), Tommy Tuovinen (harsh & clean vocals), Jukka Vehkamaa (bass guitar) and Kalle Niininen (rhythm guitar) coming to the surface as the modern of one among thousands more bands of Finnish Metal these days to have your attentions on radar for them chosen to collect.
The debut recording album that entitled – The Wakening must be an important record to be given more attention onto from the media and the metallic lovers audience as the Melodic Death Metal blazing and bursting hard from within as the band performing in high quality and great techniques – leading the themes intentions off The Unknown Presence, Blindsighted, Edge of Machinery or Resurrected (Within Ourselves) may capturing the side-story along the terminator tales from the future of uncertainty to our own mistakes in the making.

The Wakening: