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Asfissia Libero (Sputo Records 2013)

   Dirty Metal-Hardcore Satanic D.I.Y of the six six six pride from Padua, Italy – called The Nutries consisting of the quartet: Andrea (drums), Bari (bass), Spillo (guitars, vocals), Giulio (guitars) and Alex (vocals) has brought their self-titled record of raw and aggressive fast tempos as well as thus double pedals wrath of riff-age shreds anger lyrics for Raptus Infernal, Uragano and Tre Parole and more lawless themes written, composed and recorded on The Nutries album. 

Inverted rosary, harsh screaming, graveyard for the background and thrashy Metal-Punk beliefs must be a great choice for your new religion against the fake new millennium ! 

The Nutries: