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Arizona Crotch (Bandcamp 2012)

Call this Southern-tinged Rockabilly, call it racist music or call it simply just, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine – the collective Hillbilly music group consisting of Brett bass (guitars, vocals), Mike Coker (5-strings banjo) and Caleb Hanks (mandolin, vocals) tremendously performing their entirely local tradition beats songs that could making the whole bar dancing and crashing people in a fight breaks in seconds or just a glory days of sunny cat-fish hand catching on the shallow stream nearby as the licks from the cello solos to the funny lyrics silly enough to make everyone’s laughing before someone got shot cause didn’t asking the questions first. Welcome to the world of the recording session of The Murder Chord where Gospel, Country-Rock and Rockabilly mixed into one hell sinful Sunday celebrations and sermons activity soundtracks. Listen to the things highlighted there: Hurtin’, American Dream, A Boy and His Dog or Julianne, Border Patrol and leave Me and Leave The Bottle Too which is sounded like-wise from Atlantic Beach, Florida.

The Murder Chord: