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Arise 02:39 (Black Metal Rituals 2010)

Very much underground blasting format of Black Metal Classic from Baghdad’s one female project over the metallic sounds brutality as it is very much unknown to trace but the single name called Anahita the mistress-mind off this band – Janaza (dead corpse or funeral in Arabic).
All instrumentals of musical and vocals are directly, shown dubious as being lesser known to the world but the releasing recording that spreading the hatred demos over anti-islam and anti-religious completely – darker. 
Through these five tracks simply, annoying to most of the fanatic fundamentalists in limited editions of blasphemous themes connecting to the most primary laws of the sharia as disturbing as mono-bursting echoes for destroying the points and the philosophy from the religious acts and scriptures already made. 
Burning Quran Ceremony is your choice for either just showing hate towards the followers of the last faith came from the Arabia peninsula or truly, believes that the wrongdoers of mankind has reached the final battle starting with this musical of the damned versus the fake of lies. 
When Islam Brainwashed Mankind (Outro), Burn The Pages of Quran to Black metal Ist Krieg (Nargaroth Tribute) must be an intellectual cause for the searching of truth against the tyranny of a lying caliphate ...

Burning Quran Ceremonies: