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Aragne (Les Disques De La Face Cachee 2015)

   So your step mom is a serial killer psychopath who always hunger for having relationships to bad guys and then, loved to pleasing herself more by torturing them for oblivion – taken them to the collision between New Disco-Wave, Electronic Dance to Sludge Synth superpower grips off Brussels, Belgium offering through those three tracks for non-believer and criminals reserved pretty well digitally, overcome by these duo calling themselves Rraouhhh! (strangely incomplete but forcible) to competing with other precious weird groups out there – making ugly semi-Industrial music to the deaf and the dumb within the retarded retreats on Progressive metallic beats to the bad damn odor complicing regardless on the eight minutes and twenty-five seconds opener song for La Glace a I’Italienne as well as the following up track number two – Beluga; impatiently razor-out the atmosphere of hearing room for about five minutes and forty-three second top.

One shall regret the first time they’ve met your psycho step mom; ended up in fully – uncomfortable feelings as they’re tied and helpless listening to the execution record on Relax.