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Apostasy Sacrificial (Independent 2017)

Northern Colorado of Loveland might be the dark town surrounded by demonic manifestation for one making decisions to listening over the extreme Heavy Metal on their non-mild/blasphemous persuasions through the blackest recording inside out – on this Death/Black/Doom metallic music off the self-titled extended play record: Tierkrieger. With Maltheist on guitar/vocals; Zoth Ommog on rhythm guitars; UlvGeit the bass guitar basher and Horn the malignant drummer, the unholy sessions of the raiding tales did by the occult-pagan tribes over a monastery temple somewhere in time showing the excellent bloodshed scenery which make your eyes sore to see the slaughtered priests lying like dead dogs while the tribesmen raping the nuns in lusty animal instincts to breed them a bastards children of satanic blood-lines as the symbols and the crosses fell to the ground and broken – as well the missionary sects being corrupted and molested to face death and destruction (and) pagan’s phallus and sperms of diversity seedings.
Tierkrieger might coming with their double pedals horrific drumming and melodic sentence of six strings to punishing the religious people the tormenting system they’d deserved and Tribulation Requiem or The Ancient Kult of Melek Taus shall be a harmonic incantation background while the primitive men raping the virgin nuns of Christian god.