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Antenna Connection (Temporary Residence Limited 2011)

   Dreamers of The Ghetto can causing your feelings fully emotions that you might cannot reject or predicts as their musical programs performing by Jonathan Jones, Lauren Jones, Luke Aaron Jones and Marty Sprowles spreading thus Ethereal Indie-Pop electro and glamour Art-Rock to be chosen as one of your favorable collection music recordings today.
Through this related to outerspace atmospheric on Alternative Pop-Rock balance of sounds via Enemy/Lover – the viral choice for making your days eventually, helpful and fulfilling harmony vocals and happiness tuning or darker as the mystery keep bagging to be explores and answered may gladly covers by these fine soft reminiscent tracks written and arranged by these composers quartet as one can hearing them all right to the following path refers to everywhere near and far away through Regulator, Always, Phone Call to Night Hawks, Tether or Dark Falcons. 

Get ready to have something more regularly, independent likely but not too commercially similar to Arcade Fire mesmerizing products of modern pop-rock scene for peace/intrigues …