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Amenta Doom (Dark Essence 2015)


   Athens, Greece present days; as from the pieces of Nightfall and Rotting Christ members came the blasphemous materials as the seeds of the demon prevails to breed and grown within The Wiccan project album made and recorded by George Emmanuel and Stathis Ridis.
   Lucifer’s Child is your ultimate head-banging hailing hell ‘s burning the religious world down to ashes as the Black Metal musical products displaying half-nude female and the devil’s buck skeleton-head in front really spreading the terror of reality from these occult-methods hard music to bang your faith of god and get crushed to the ground. The only way for salvation is to freeing yourself from the tyranny beliefs and faking lied rituals but the old ways of the ancient as your ancestors truly believe the way Is the path of balance for humanity not this bullshit living and global society. 
   The Wiccan tells you about mostly, the elders ways on everything straight from King Ov Hell, A True Mayhem, Hors De Combat to He Who Punished and Slays are the real threat and magic colliding to clashed – and the real gods will destroying the false prophets and his followers through dark spells and fire burnt.

The Wiccan: