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Afterlife Awake Walk (Bandcamp 2013)

   As the real planet X approaching without nobody really assures about what’s going to happen to us all if it finally, occurs in an instant – Oleg Lankin (vocals), Artur Pridyba (guitar), Illia Pozinsky (bass), The Kot (drums), Max Rumyantsev and Anton Pozinsky (electronics) of the Russian Federation coty of St. Petersburg decided to build themselves a band and providing the past and future tense themed tales of both advancing to the fallen of tiny earth civilizations history as the wider cosmic universality imbalance caused by the ninth hidden planet or the Annunaki not only causing human to grow rapid and becoming like pestilence pests; using those hardcore/Melodic Metal-Core/Math Metal and Post-Experimental as releasing this Eternity In Me – a statement for some survivalist to continuing the post-disaster of global extinctions as different species or another colony left for another planet or another star system far over the uncharted constellation.
   As Light Vibration, N.M.H, Unbreakable or Supernova and The One to Walk Alone; telling us the scientific story and answers about the making and the destruction of the cosmos one day, you might damning the creator for messing with the DNA and letting our ancient aliens ancestors copulating the entire kingdom of the primate left the planet under the uncontrollable breeding explosions since.

Eternity In Me: