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Advent Helix (Not On Label 2014)

   As the album debut noted that this group - Infilm of Calgary, Alberta is consisting on Zach Howie on drums and synth programming, guitars, rhodes piano, synth, zither, percussion, acoustic drums, voice to Samantha Pekarchuck on voice, synth, vocal effects and Keegan Sawatzky on bass guitar, acoustic drums, percussion via Emporium innovates both of their Electronic and Rock elemental through the experiments of sounds as the promising compositions of completed capturing on compelling expressions caught through the several tracks written by them which spreading the relaxing New Age meets soft-Ambience of the gloomy natural sexiness and calm via Chimera, Command, North, Omega and Artifice and Chameleon. Energetic and meticulous as mastered by a grammy nominated of Joe Lambert – this complex and simple Pop-New Age-Electro recording.