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Acting Adult (Not On Label 2015)

Londoner-based of Punk Rock Emo-Pop group of those quintet crew waiting to die by the bedside as the poisoning self-drinking and the waiting for it might not be over sooner and within for the thanking claps over Goold, Mussell, Morris, Marion and Spencer collectively – making their good efforts onto thus Great Expectations II album recording with a very cool artworks and seven track-listing music inside. 
Ghouls letting their ideas and compositions emotionally emerges as the rocking standard punchy tempos meet the melodic skate-boarding avalanche force that brings the most depressions out as hopefully gone and replacing by the mighty spirits of rocking in and never giving up thoughts like displaying via Nice To Know You, Gone Fishing, Being Me or Better and Then Some truly – becoming some of your expecting examples on how these young/naive UK’s Emo-Rockers presenting some piece of the crumbs even when the rest of the scene already dying or in coma several last years before this. 

Cheers Ghouls !

Great Expectations II: