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Access Denied (Bizarre Leprous Production 2017)

   Current line-up for this menacing Brno, Czech Republic in their fast, degradating and brutal influences off Death Metal and Grind-Core whose consisting on Reefacek (vocals), Motokartka (guitar), Pyjus Vyptikowicz (bass) and Zahradnik (drums) as these anti-social crews calling themselves as Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay – not a pretty name for the club, ain’t it ?
Balancing the torturing and volunteering self-destructions among thus blasting metallic bursts of explosion via the last album so far for them; 1000 Years of Emptiness having those thirteen tracks for the list. 
Growling vocals, groovy beast music and deranged solos or aggressive tempos to bare within, the bleeding ears and thus bleeding women or the recapturing end of the last minutes today before apocalypse comes may dangerously, being gutted out through Liability, Break Me Down, Gutalaxomy-Psy, While Guitar Player Motorak Was Drinking Beers or Bigger Dement We Hoped shall unfortunately, carries your painful scream further down the gas chamber or stolen by the ancient gods possessing a cat. 

Just die – motherfucker, just die !

1000 Years of Emptiness: