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A Moment Hope (Equal Vision 2013)

   Troy, Michigan’s delivering its Post-Hardcore/Punk/Metal-Core rootsy group over the small scene back to the surface as this violent sounds ensemble struck the heart of the centre of your stereo system if you loved those have blasting sounds like this off We Came As Romans providing metallic music blaring hard through it.
The mixing of brutal noises and harmonic vocals with some youth wisdom really arrived in a very closed range but almost perfect in balance as Joshua Moore for lead guitar, Eric Choi the drummer, Kyle Pavone playing keyboards and synthesizer or clean vocals to Brian “Lou” Cotton the rhythm guitar and bassist Andrew Glass loading this molten mixture of metallic combinations with total vocal-arrangements sounding great while shouting through the tracks like I Survive, Through The Darkest Dark and Brightest Bright; Fade Away to Tell me Now and Present Future and Past raiding your hearing session room with the best of the best of the worst – according to some media but We Came As Romans’ Tracing Back Roots third album seasoning those quest for finding answers about the time of purging in limbo or purgatory before you straight goes to heaven or hell – that’s the real question about the existence.

Tracing Back Roots: