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4284Emo (Bandcamp 2017)

   Metallic Doom-Core with Post-Metal and Sludge compositions on the Berlin band’s Voltron through the album - Kollapsar can easily bruising your guts as the head-banging tempos of slower heaviest concrete riffs and bashing drumming shall forever buried the audience under the ground which most of you being slayed by these recording session completely. With the courageous blistering metal-heads unity of double six strings by bruce Benner and Mars Brennen to drummer Don Flamingo and four string by Nik Hayakyu-Ou as these Germans come crashing harder within their self-written music and arranging tracks of final destruction influenced by either Black Sabbath to Trouble to Candlemass and more heroes of the extreme Doomy Metal groups legendary and newer ones as the goat head figure appears through their album cover of Kollapsar and thus track-listed blasting beats or black magic themes may infecting your minds while listening to Targel Spartan, Vantablack, Grosse Bohrung Des Essigs, Susstofffotsssus to the English titled songs of A Little Bit of Titanium White victoriously – destructive as satan’s hell following the band within.