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400 Top Days (No Idea Records 2017)

   Gainesville – FL’s type of your American Southern-Rock and Indie-Country group consisting of the female vocalist whom sounded similar to reminding the listeners about Natalie Merchants or young version of Dolores O’Riordan or even The Sundays but with more ingredients on Pop-Country stronger sounds as Kim Helm singing and other members performing; Brian Johnson on acoustic guitars, Ronnie Holmes (electric guitar), Troy Perlman (bass guitar), Jonathan Reinertsen (drums) with pianist Dan Stepp to Michael Collins playing pedal steel through the band interests via backyard parties, clubs and drive bars to the wedding courts for Whiskey & Co. 

   While now for this recording of Ripped Together, Torn Apart probably – wanted to tell us about the background story related to the ceremonial turning bad news in a proper unfortunate tales on the written lyrics when someone making mistakes and didn’t realizing it until one day its coming back haunting and the feeling grow stronger once again but it is too late to saying – Damn I Miss You, as one really wanted to be together again but Can’t Turn Back through finding Thread The Needle as an Outrun remembering one’s beloved with That’s Your Charm and sadly, singing Love Song or if you’re lucky enough – then, with the audience we all can shouting happily over Show Me The Way To Go Home. 

Hopefully you would find one permanent ...

Ripped Together, Torn Apart: