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1944 King Sam (Epitaph Records 1994)

The eighty-nine lasted presentation off the Punk-Rock revival scene that reached its peak on the nineties later; Down By Law (or DownByLaw) turns out to be just a side-project from Dave Smalley with his helping friends like Dave Naz and Ed Urlik where sooner the popularity struck down the group and then this thing began a s a full time band alive and kicking with their melodic fast shredding and good vocals and things won’t be the same again for thus skaters whom loving to do extreme things with the accompanying loud music that rocks, touring and had many chance to change the world around them. 
This third and the most recognized recording releases the band ever did in their Punk-Rock career is this – Punkrockacademyfightsong coming to reminding you about the real spirits of not giving-in or quitting but keep on moving on forward and reach those dreams and hopes and wishes eve the world has done too many fucked up moments for the story of your life. 
Flower Tattoo, Symphaty for The World, Brief Tommy, Minusame to Drummer Dave Hunter Up comes punchy and bashing; never too damn late to sharing those tales from the daily problems, depressions, enthusiasm and sometimes romance – if it’s not for too much silly themes or jerky lyrics as well but wise as it gets. 

Don’t be too damn surprised by the great cover track of The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles – dude !