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Gorgonzilla Cuisine (Not On Label 2011)

Harmonic and talented to make themselves heard as the artistic orchestral machine towards the Halle(Saale) Germany’s Industrial Jazzy, Electronica to Death Metal as well as Folk-Metal to Progressive Thrash combinations making themselves re-known as Retarded Noise Squad as basically, standing up on their total Experimental metallic sounds with the band members: Kai aus Tube, Wer Zum Teufel ist Bob, Kjel-Dan Gramollsen, Don Karl Krawallo and Juliette de Sade established themselves for the releasing on the first effort to many live shows before this next steps of the monkey kingdom over Bananas (the record) truly, showing the instinct of our animal behavior like bunch of apes trying to conquering others over the favorite fruits.

Telepathic Trance as well as Die Geschichten vorn Suppenkaspar or Killed with Respect and Compassion and jumping crazily onto Taenia Solium or Morbus Mansfeld featuring the sexually female voices and grinding machinery musical in combinations like a weird combustion over the rotten dry-skinned bodies of men being burnt without any good explanations through years. 

Grab this album tighter and steady bang your heads like the insane monkeys troops by the sounds !


Sun Tears From (Independent 2011)

   Boogie smashing and original proto-drumming to those riff-age shredding and Psych recording fits for those hunters as their music builds between the borderland and labyrinth of measuring Rock n’ Roll progressiveness of heaviness made as performed by Regina, Saskatchewan band – Black Thunder whose sounding closely onto the glam-alleyways of hard amphetamine psych-boogie of the 70’s era to Progressive Rock borderland or rougher chugs nicely cutting the edgy power of loud music for the melodic and force of pounding occult of imaginative world by Tony Frank (guitar, vocals), Neil Lutz (drums) and Dustin Wiebe (bass guitar) miraculously, drawing merlin towards the cover front and shiny magic ryas of him spreading like the majestic tracks of ten from this self-titled recording of Black Thunder.
   Either you will picking Sea Witch or Burning Fields, White Wizard Mountain onto Space Age Renegade in standard tempos available there by the group as being tenaciously, lead thus six strings guitar plays as well-mastered to thus bass-lined organic and drum-kit basher coalitions to the Hard Rock squeezers your stereo system in focus !

Black Thunder:

Fortschritt Antwort (Tubareckorz 2014)

Extra-ordinary and enigmatic and delusional grandeur by idiocy infantile foaming sounds of Progressive Rock and Chamber Broadway to Cabaret and Comedy like the other version of Berlin’s methodically, music of rock performance from Spinal Tap brothers as Electronic, Pop-Rock, Heavy Metal and a little bit of slight racism may occurs over the the seventh recording releases from “Germany’s most band in the world” – Knorkator within its members Chrish Chrash, Sebastian Baur, Tim Schallenberg to Kirk Thiele or Alf Ator and Stumpen where many tattoos, weird dresses to silly green figure might be collectively, trying to make the party rocking erupts more merrier and you would loving them or hating them on this one of We Want Mohr.
We got thus funky metallic of progressions through Zoo or Hymne while L is the track which at first sounded ballad but don’t let the group tricking you – the distorting heavier beats suddenly, explodes and there you head-banging hard before you singing the rest along. Same perhaps, with the fanatic fans of Faith No More whose finding the essential animated and stupidity in balance within the next tracks like Konrad, Ich Geb es Auf or Robert to Victorious as either there’s really a racism-tinged stains on the record or not; the audiences would be totally slammed by the band’s crazy melodic and artistic musical performance among odd to dumbness …

We Want Mohr:

Virginity Men (Bandcamp 2017)

Being semi-nude only to covers their tits-up is the front cover of Nancy album – which being recorded by these quartet of Grunge/Punk fronted female band Rotten Reputation which your ears might been waiting for since the late vacuum era for either Hole, The Distillers or The Muffs.

Consisting of the independent and didn’t fucking care about what people saying about them; drummer Kyle Wilde, bassist Zach Barrara, guitarist Kevin Dallis and lead vocalist Lola Marie will be your young white group of rock-heads care to bursting harder within the mixture of Denver’s Garage Punk-Rock and artistic distorted sounds following the tones for Moaning Lisa, Better Than Her, Punisher, Toxic Lady and Photoshop Tricked Me Again – might be too modern to catch but never forbidden to shout at the pathetic world of consumerists public as a good punches !


Biosfear Ravenous (Xtreem Music 2017)

   Used to be the caliphate’s place and torturing territory for Christians by the emirs of the moors people and nowadays, Granada – Andalusia spawning the evil force of new rebellion towards Death/Thrash Metal scene as one of the bands that should be paid to your attentions is Canker; with Miguel Hernandez (guitar, vocals), Antonio Leon Garrido (bass), Manuel Trespe (rhythm guitars) and Leo Gonzalez (vocals) haunting back present day-modern Catholicism rulers by established horror-background as Earthquake would be their latest albums carrying those political, anti-religious and death or despair themes onward.
   Ten tracks of destruction from the southern parts of the area to influencing the rest of the angry youth with demo-crazy and capitalism problems daily will be stunning to bursts out as erupting louder high within the fast killer drumming or chords of death riff-ages via Hand of God, Leyla Island, Bedout, The Ghost of Past, Obliteration or Black Star. 

   As the growlers and the angst of extremities reaching the final levels and the country facing a new kind of civil wars from within …


NOTLD (Xtreem Music 2017)

Spanish Thrash/Black Metal inquisitions as your reconquistador from the elements of extreme Heavy Metal local band to your fucking face as one of them would be Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona – Catalonia crew of lead guitarist Jonathan Soler, drummer Pol Esteban Sanchez, bass basher David Inarejos Munoz also on vocals and rhythm guitarist Xavi Rodriguez Trabal forming No Amnesty by releasing their debut recording called Psychopathy which might reminding the audiences for the old format of Anthrax, Armored Saint or Nuclear Assault within the faster, slicer and bursting beats of metallic cracking sounds like Metallica on heavy drug addicts on stage.

The melodic mayhem and power riff-ages shall make those tracks like Evil Priest, Fight Below The Fire, Snake Eyes, Eternal Night and Time to Bleed releasing the frontal rage of the young and the forgotten lost to the world of plentiful and wealthy people – as the extreme Heavy Metal comes as the new armies to raid your nearest modern city and sacking it to the ground. 

Share the infamous depression and suicidal values to others or get out and slay some dumb-ass kids !


Amenta Doom (Dark Essence 2015)


   Athens, Greece present days; as from the pieces of Nightfall and Rotting Christ members came the blasphemous materials as the seeds of the demon prevails to breed and grown within The Wiccan project album made and recorded by George Emmanuel and Stathis Ridis.
   Lucifer’s Child is your ultimate head-banging hailing hell ‘s burning the religious world down to ashes as the Black Metal musical products displaying half-nude female and the devil’s buck skeleton-head in front really spreading the terror of reality from these occult-methods hard music to bang your faith of god and get crushed to the ground. The only way for salvation is to freeing yourself from the tyranny beliefs and faking lied rituals but the old ways of the ancient as your ancestors truly believe the way Is the path of balance for humanity not this bullshit living and global society. 
   The Wiccan tells you about mostly, the elders ways on everything straight from King Ov Hell, A True Mayhem, Hors De Combat to He Who Punished and Slays are the real threat and magic colliding to clashed – and the real gods will destroying the false prophets and his followers through dark spells and fire burnt.

The Wiccan:

Lemon Sheets (Fika Recordings 2014)

Playing their Pop-Indie melodic harmonies music in a self-written and projecting sub-urban atmosphere where one can living peacefully far away from the crowded city and sing along with Making Marks comprising of the quartet of boys and girls: Jorgen Nordby (drums, percussion), Marie Sneve ((bass, trumpet), Nina Bo (keyboards, vocals) and Ola Innset (guitars, vocals) extensively, sweety touched in their heart-warming Pop songs of Scandinavian’s cool sounds textures through the semi-Synth-Pop Alternative album of A Thousand Half-Truths collection.
Hailing from Oslo, Norway – the music must be an accurate favorable to almost everyone who loves life as the selfie of a kid inside the vehicle won’t be spoiled the essential tracks here like Barcodes, Uten En Trad, Forgive and Forget, Falling in Love Again, Ticket Machine and Flying High Forever as the buoyant numbers may driving you to sitting down quietly and chants with the band for the weather outside slowly, begins to getting clearer …

A Thousand Half-Truths:

O To G Stories (AFM Records 2008)

Not only that the threat of Global Warning is real; as the ceremonial show of a late friend and brother have made this project of composing of broad performance over the Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal artistic missions possible to do and recording the albums just like how before or now John Oliva’s pain (J.O.P) solidify honoring of playing together as officially been just about the memorial subsequent Hard Rock together with his more other friends like Bill Hudson (guitars), Joe Diaz on guitar, Jason Jennings (bass) to Christopher Kinder (drums) or Matt LaPorte, Tom McDyne to Kevin Rothney or John Zahner as former guitarist,bassist and keyboardist for this amazing project of one man honored Criss Oliva and Savatage era. 
Neat vocals and proudly, amazing music compositions as Global Warning brings you Look At The World, Adding The Cost, Before I Hang, Firefly, The Ride or Walk Upon The Water as being closed by Someone/Soul. Seemingly, looking as apocalyptic as one might interprets through the front cover greenish hell on earth but the messages are real here not as threats but an alerting forum on Heavy Rock sounds to everyone not only for the glad memories of Criss Oliva but the for the worldwide preserving acts not too be late filling regrets again. 

Right ?!

Global Warning:

Nosim Dry Eyes (V2 2007)

Half-Cabaret musical and half more turns off its points of being the independent Pop-Rock with fun attitude musical performance being performs by Anna Phoebe (violin), Lemez Lovas (trumpet), Stephen Levi (clarinet, vocals), Josh Breslaw (drums), Bridgitte Amofah (vocals) and Nik Ammar (guitar, vocals) as they’re all forming the good band named Oi Va Voi as after the first and the second releasing started to send another one as their third albums via the self-titled on Oi Va Voi just like the band’s name.
Folk-Rock and Electronic Pop mixture through the comedy sounds meet the bohemian/gypsy popular dramatizing Art-Rock and extra-curricular sounds of traditional atmosphere off the European edge of old days heritage troubadour-ism; Oi Va Voi giving us the Further Deeper, Look Down Dissident to Black Sheep and Spirit of Bulgaria or Worry Lines – as the highlighted tracks examples for you and the world to mark them as the newcomer group with potentials – ready to arranging and composed more materials like this sweetening and awesome progressive ensemble of Pop in the space travelling preparation ages.

Oi Va Voi:

4284Emo (Bandcamp 2017)

   Metallic Doom-Core with Post-Metal and Sludge compositions on the Berlin band’s Voltron through the album - Kollapsar can easily bruising your guts as the head-banging tempos of slower heaviest concrete riffs and bashing drumming shall forever buried the audience under the ground which most of you being slayed by these recording session completely. With the courageous blistering metal-heads unity of double six strings by bruce Benner and Mars Brennen to drummer Don Flamingo and four string by Nik Hayakyu-Ou as these Germans come crashing harder within their self-written music and arranging tracks of final destruction influenced by either Black Sabbath to Trouble to Candlemass and more heroes of the extreme Doomy Metal groups legendary and newer ones as the goat head figure appears through their album cover of Kollapsar and thus track-listed blasting beats or black magic themes may infecting your minds while listening to Targel Spartan, Vantablack, Grosse Bohrung Des Essigs, Susstofffotsssus to the English titled songs of A Little Bit of Titanium White victoriously – destructive as satan’s hell following the band within.


Rime Di Casa Mia (Cogwheel Records 2017)

   For the public not personal within the heat of the beats directional striking the aiming subjects as all lyrics are written in Italian but sounding independently, fully of Alternative Hip-Hop beats and rapping about good consciousness and electronic effects variable would giving you a great collective of music for doing most of thus activities especially the positive ones. Azzurro Nove unlimited sources for digging more and well-done through digitally age of music spawning the rhyming best rhythms there from Pomeriggi Azzuro 9 to Piccoli Brividi to Il Mondo non Esiste or H. Miller releasing inside the self-titled recording album and taste like two thumbs up.

Azzurro Nove:

Suomi Kuntoon (Bandcamp 2016)

Bandits of Punk-Hardcore whose loving Venom and parasite-based punkish rebels within the consistent members of brute attitudes to music basher: Lauri (guitar/vocals), Risto (bass, vocals) and Mika (drums, vocals) going shortly, devastating on their Punk N’ Roll Death-core sound blending here via the mini recording entitled Ryovari off the infamous Helsinki – Finland as the meaning reality of the title is also pointing on robbers, crooks or rascals as well.

The two minutes and forty-eight seconds of Kayttaja or User to Larppaavat Natsit (Lazy Natsit) and those four songs available in just a slight moment blasting your sound system out when it’s loud.  Still one might love to have this kind of examples for addictive Hardcore Metal performance installments just like how Finnish people like to do their own style indifferently disturbing by the hilarious double pedals and power riffs run amok !!!


Hero Fortress (Not On Label 2017)

Dungeon possessive musical project on Black Metal ritual and mystical essence commencing the listener to entering the darker and gloomy light stairs down and hallucinates themselves onto the satanic magic and blasphemous seven tracks recording there from the Norwegian’s Nazgal Dracul based on the ancient battle of Falroth and Balak Gaahl fallen as the son returns of Galrakh revenge burning the settlements as some went to the ocean and became Sarath while the Drakh Al-Zuul becoming a bandit tribes lair later as the survivors of thus wars continues to living today as the descendants like this Electro-Dark Ambient of dungeon figure in Synth Music.
Fall Of The Kingdom Of Eirfir by Nazgal Dracul might be a collectible record for those whom love horror shows and bloodshed sacrificial of black magic tunes as this one occurs within The End of The Dark Age, The Siege of Arkhal or Rebirth of Corruption in different durations shall taking your spirit soulless floating inside the invisible gates of the olden day folklore of the Norge.


Spiral Swirl (Fish ‘N Trips 2013)

   Scary momentum for you to listen the excessive force of instrumental tracks performance on the Canberra – Australia’s Electronic/Psy-Trance and Progressive Down-Tempo project of Gibb Tartaris in Box Of Chocolates that seems to be closely, looking like multi-genre range styles as the format vision may also seen scary fun to observed as well.
   The dissolving beats and major wrath of Techno-Rave music is taking over the small globe of your completely whilst the nine tracks really can technically blending the deeper dark and intelligent Progressive Trance sounds onto many kinds of choco that existing like Bouncy Chocolate 07:10, Liquid Chocolate 07:00, Tribal Chocolate 09:24 and Chocolate Swamp 08:08 – which seems all to be pleasured comes in measurements and chilling bells that may annoying some of the listeners to taste the sweetening beats that carries also addictive poison to make your hips moving and your body shaking sexually. 

Box Of Chocolates:

Shattered Internally (Independent 2013)

Jason Elliss went to the dentist and found himself stuck in the middle of horrific scene where he met this crazy doctor who loves to torturing his patients and the bloodiest moment happens just like a nightmare occurred to Jason Elliss completely devastating but still manage to take the photographic proof on Smashed Teeth and giving the terrible experience – the synth/keys/drums/pads/sequencer ultimatum project to remembering him about it and prevents that from happening again to him in the future.

Depression project would capturing some of those nearly insane moments like Infectious or Disease or No Place Like Hell as the mixture album of With-House, Bit Waves, Industrial-tinged and Dubstep basic as the event seems to be tragically or incidentally happening somewhere around Philadelphia – Pennsylvania. 

Smashed Teeth:

Sepolto La Nube (Macina Dischi/Sound Of Cobra 2015)

   Scary shit on the pointy echoes for noise-sounding over improvisation, psychedelic jamming to mind-blows of analog-shelter views of extra-ordinary visions on musical blending through Kraut-Rock/Avant Garde and Psych devotions with the team members of Andrea Giotto, Emanuele Baratto, Marco Giotto and Matteo Bordin of the Italian band: Squadra Omega releasing their third albums so far from their collections - Altri Occhi Ci Guardano as this Jazzy Rock progressions and Psychedelic within those songs written and composed here by them; Sospesi Nell’Oblio, La Nube Di Oort, Il Labirinto as well as Hyoscyamus to Il Buio Dentro or Le Rovine Circolari presenting the unbelievable surroundings effect through the abstracted fusion led coalitions over the group’s interests meet the ideas of arrangements on Kraut-Rock features model.

Sounded adventuring, mysterious and totally, amazing to hear ! 


Wolf Lovesick (Metropolis 2014)

Daniel Long or Daniel Graves leads his troops of Elliot Berlin, Tim Van Horn and Tom Napack necessarily responsive towards all beauty destroyed by the romantic EBM’s Goth-pop and Indie Rock modern that you might easy to loving with on their forth recording albums via ‘Til Death.

Industrial to Electronic and Synth-Pop hand in hand remarkably, hailing the sweet poisoning deadly couple engaging their forever vows of being immortal after the slow started suicidal method being operates there like a real married couple that cannot be broken anymore as far as the lyrics of track-listed songs like Light Out (Ready To Go), Antibody, Showtime, Oh Gloria to The Dark Half – honestly keeping the rest of melodies and standard tempo beats recovering on Aesthetic Perfection’s emotional performance that sounding cold enough to warm your dying scenery.

'Til Death:

Roll Gonna (Mountains Of Yucca 2015)

   Lower-lifer or pro bono sessions of  either Anarcho-Folk/Punk-Pop/Hardcore-Folk or Anarcho Pop music with country-style comedy shit arrangements from these bunch of Los Angeles, CA independent musicians gathered around off the non-gender border limitless idea to share or spends by Astrid Witchtree: violin/squeezebox/vocals, Tommy Danger: banjo/lyrics/vocals, Tiffany Thrasher: bass/vocals, Andrew Trashbeast: washboard/vocals and Rileigh Danger : pure madness on charmingly, detaches their crazy creations on this releasing record called Property Damage: A Love Story which carried the entire loud but acoustically trends on hillbilly or bluegrass-ing gazing music as Moon Bandits crew for you. Spreading their opinions and words not wisdom overtly the edge of civilizations of the modern advance idiots – Moon Bandits gimmickly – given their proof of a frontal decision and marking attempts to re-educating you all within the tracks of Desperation, Fuck The Man, Growin Or Dyin, So Tired, World War 3 onto Joe, Sea To See, Right in my Own Life, Things I know Very Little About and To Be of Use. So, if thses punkrockers Folkish gang wanted to approving them It Ain’t So Easy but at least – they sending the big image about We Ain’t Lazy, though !

Property Damage A Love Story:

Capella Pardo (Dorog Records 2010)

   Confirmed as the duo of men making Electronic music comprising on Alonso Lupune and Sebastien Lupune brothers or not – who will really cares right ? The musical experiences in these progressions of international sounds and noise samples experiments for Da Lupune through their debut album towards LP 3000 might sounding a little bit silly, funny and also synthesizing comparable to none closely. The emerging force from Peru’s electronic scene of music genre may consisting to forward beating their lubricant soften beats for sensual causes or another intimate activities variably welcomes onto the clubbing night under the dim lights – where kisses can easily turning to cuddles and not long after that the lusty human checking-in and having hot sex before decided to not having a premature baby since the sin acts happening several times non-regretfully kind and nice to repeat. Latino lyrics and sounds really fits the non-pressure of all on AA, Metamorphose, POV and Liquid (A-Wa) wandering by the beats and echoes central calming the worries while the essential boosts of filtering dance-able Disco techniques available here with or without an opening kiss …

LP 3000:

Hamrer Hippyer Othan (Not On Label 2017)

   Christopher Juul, Kai Uwe Faust and Maria Franz (originally a guest vocals before concluded as a full member) onto the trio of Black-Folk Rock or Medieval Northern Europe amplified over the anti-religious statements and pagan beliefs of the old ancient of healing in German as Heilung (the group) remarkable bringing their traditional folkish penetrations of sounds appreciating the heritage of the olden days and the past to be brought back now showing for the new generations to understand their own cultural existence here for the second album releasing via LIFA.
Neofolk experimental and Rung singing rang rituals commencing to be summon from deep below dark and gloomy of female voices bordering area towards the beyond believe and World culture musical performance among thus eerie chants and spells of a strange language as an Opening Ceremony starts it all; followed by those live recording ensemble made by the three musicians as Alfadhirhaiti, Carpathian, Krigsgarld or Hakkerskaldyr and Fylgija/Futhorck comes and go surrounding your complicated heads hearing these stranger tones and music hallucinating your thoughts as the old beliefs taking over the consciousness back to the primitive heathen ways of path of Dinamarka peninsula.


Texas Ledfurd (Diamondback Records 2009)

   Who do you think you are judging that cowboys or rednecks cannot jump and rapping hard ? Screw your thoughts that said all southern boys and their women are totally, ugly and bad smells cause for those reasons here’s the duo of Country Rap formed by the California sunshine and ass-shaking bitches drunken and getting half naked or nude on the stinky titty bars making you sweaty a lot like a stuck pig. Meet Dusty “Tex” Dahlgren and Brett “Bird” Brooks of Moonshine Bandits of Los Banos, CA whom can make their heritage hillbilly descendents proud because these whiteys really can flowing their lyrics and flippin’ the words up their mouth going straight to move your buttery ass to dance out.
Within this Divebars And Truckstops popular or semi-backward within thus dirty themes to bare quickly shouting over the “yee-haaw” beats blended with Rn’B/Pop and Soulful Hip-Hop as one cannot stand no more not to tapping the girl’s ass just like the delicious southern friend cooking brunch and bourbon lights served well done or raw steak and mash potatoes hottie women on the floor ready to be taken home or just rent a small room might be enough by sessions over these duet blasts ! 
Blondie, brunette, red-hair and dark beauty – all equally well-tasted with this power-o-sugar daddy riding style via Whiskey River, Fists & Jager, Back Home ft. Durwood Black, Long Black Train ft. Danielle Davis or Mission Impossible ft. Derrty D as well as Mud in The Club where those dreamy sensual sexy and sleazy craze for little bit soft-porn actions to the hardcore ones may legal through the beer bottles, missionary or doggie style acts onto the breeding up the female without those safety rubber can be totally rioting includes the country-side neo-Hip Hop culture music.

Divebars and Truckstops:

The Stonk Hulusi (Rootspring 2015)

Cape Town - South Africa production and equality growth of World musical of traditions and heritage mixing with modern Indie –Jazzy and Latino sounds multiply by platforms digitally online which produced by the group calling themselves Ottoman Slap. Bring to you in front of the soft wave of sensual and mystical advertising sounds blended through Yemen Blues, Beirut Pop or Jews Polka – as you might calling them what you want but Simone Chiara, Matthew Reid, Doug Armstrong, Marissa Cuenoud, Callan Wolff and James van Minnen running well over their great magic tunes and harmonies for mixing thus Eastern Gypsy/Balkan Fusion to Middle-Eastern cultural music on these symbolized recording off Idiomatic.
Song number two which carries the female seductive vocals on The Dachshund and The Weasel on six minutes and twenty-eight seconds or Como Las Olas over Roul’s Waltz and Clapham Junction maybe the examples you needing to listen as approval for the answers on how fairly magnificent the Jazz and the modern session performance from Ottoman Slap really could making your eras addicted to the loves for this artistic musical ensemble dragging their sensuality by the play and the essential marks over the track-listing written summary that can be totally, excellent to some older audiences !


Raumwelt Signal (Spiral Trax 2003)

Dub-missions on this chilled-out Electronic project of academic beats simultaneously entertaining to catch via the exhibitions of recording entitled Carrier Track by Henrik Jonsson – a Swedish producer of musical electronic calling himself Stress Assassin and sharing the products of his own; for example this secondary efforts by choices upon those whom liking instrumental Ambient, Dub and Down-Tempo much with the slightly taste of Caribbean touches of the tropical sunny beats and traditional sensual dance beat through the eagle landed to hunt for the favorable sounds like this one. Looking Glass Friend to The Soul of a Microwave Oven to Montecristo to Death For a Living and Cartoon City diverse the flux for heavenly scents of holiday being on your own will and enjoying the beaches, the girls and the drinks without any disturbance at all around you. As people might dreaming for it constantly, the Carrier Track might giving yours the wishes best to be wished for this November right before the year end’s resolutions moment and the choices for good music, neat fantastic weekend or the warm touches from your beloved concubines may turning to reality within this playing for your stereo mind and soft dirty thoughts for pleasure …

Carrier Track:

Elden St. (3024 Label 2009)

   Dutch DJ and producer named Martijn Deykers or Martyn’s Dubstep/Electronic-house/Techno of Washington DC state products of the new millennial track-listed recording for Great Lengths showing those underground resistance to blade runner of David Sylvian or Metalheadz disco-beats as Martyn himself standing behind the curtains as a shadowy figure by arranging thus non-public sounds develop towards more than or exact – fifteen musical tracks within noises blending to samples formatted over Seventy Four, Little Things, Right?Star!, These Words (ft. dBridge) or In This Insanity?
   All the way surrounding by standard elements of electro-dynamic beats for Natural Selection and Brilliant Orange. Let the finest experimental tracks and titles like KRDL-T-GRV and Vancouver lead your favorable listening times for external extra-ordinary but regular thoughts control fined well just by having the record ordeals on it.

Great Lengths: