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Zur Heilung Fille (Chrom Records 2004)

   Meet Ernst Horn and Sabine Lutzenberger for turning on their machinery to awaken the versatile forms over the sleeping creature of modern technology to rising back on its Electronic body of soft beats, experimental noises and cold distance atmosphere as the vocalizations are remarkably mixed between the likes of a Classical modernity phase to Ambient Electro sinful sounds just like renaissance comes a bit late to changing the Western world once again while the music comes out off Helium Vola’s duet synthesizing makers on Liod probably, would infinitely sounded like an alarm warning us about the resistance or sustainable substance we already creates or dealing with soon turning sour in results – pretty much darker in effects as they’d destroying our world completely in one single blast. 
   Don’t think harder because you might never realize it until it happens but the songs off the lists on the record might contacting your inner-self to just for once try to seeing the big picture of a disaster by listening to these semi-classic scary beats or artificial machine music in softer mayhem ingredients through Lucente Stella, Veni Veni, Bitte Um Trost to Printemps as well as Ich Was Ein Chint So Wolgetan onto Mahnung or Vagantenbeichte … 
Drowning like a plastic doll on the liquid creates by the particles of god in truce with the giant beast computer that rules the world.