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Zubata Capillarity (Self-Released 2013)

Vigorously groovy but also needless to say that this is really weird to listen actually but the truth is humanoid can making this chaos music which recapturing some parts of being surprisingly fun to an insanity product for the long titled recording made by hentai Corporation (from Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic) called – The Spectre of Corporatism: Starship Shaped Schnitzels From Planet Breacrumbs are Attacking a Giant Tree Monster who a Vagina and Holds Hitler Hostage where most of the realm of Rock Music collaborations within the dark-side and thigns that only might comes from the hidden archaic off the deep web on the net meets Thrash Metal/Progressive Rock/Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal Grindcore accelerates via Equilibristic Brides, Ethereal Prayer, Lost In Tensions ? beyond plainly just malfunctioned tragedies as keyboards or synthesizers following the screaming guitars and blasting beats as the large amount of the band’s personnel interests  over anime, manga and crazy copulated images of cartoon girls or woman to ejaculate with since they’re a metallic musicians and these works are truly sarcastic, molesting and of course, laughable to the head-banger kids !

Featuring Radek Skarohlid on vocals, Petr Skarohlid on guitars/vocals, Zdenek Stava on drums, Frantisek Koucky the keyboardist and Matous Suraj the bassist molding the fifty-fifty of the win win solution musical melodies beneath the expressions of Thrash Cross-Over.