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Zore Vetry Zvetiki (Prikosnovenie 2005)

Smell the ritualistic Dark-Wave and meet with the Neo-Folk band from Arkhangelsk established by Anastasia Kuznetsova, Tatyana Stepchenko to Aleksey Sheptunov or Wolfgang Count Ash and conceived their presence since the midst of ninety-four by mixing thus slow-core adrenalized pressure of Ethereal Electronic experiments for Neofolk, Darkwave, World and Country sounds especially the eastern-tinged transcending and Goth-Rock parts into one solid package as the group calling themselves – Moon Far Away which releasing this Belovodie album.
One of their excellent darker pessimistic records on the career with live band, ballads soft and classic orchestral signs the times as Sobiraetse Liubeznoy (The beloved is Fitting Out), Zhito Zhala (Cropped Grain), Volna Shumit (The Wave makes a Sound)and Ty Vzoidi Krasno Solnyshko (Arise You Red Sun) definitely seems to praising their pagan’s views seeing the old traditions back while cheering the Summer ends, Autumn equinox and Winter days to come by preparations. 

Hail thee moon worshipers …