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Zombified Candy Christ (Hammerheart Records 2012)

   Bjorn Lemmen, Boris Janssen, Job van de Graaf, Luc Van Rens and Wouter Wagemans build this Grindcore van Dutch within the brutality violence of Hardcore influences as Collision truly will go grinding your face, body and ass to soul; making them all flat and destroyed into pieces and the proof must be arrived here when the group releasing their decision to leaving the faith behind as a priest and started to go out and cleansing the society from repeating their fucking sins over and over again as a religious hypocrite. Fast Thrash meets Deathand Grind meets Hardcore meets everything insane might spawning the entire music of the extreme album entitled – A Healthy Dose of Death; the not too satanic Slayer-kind of extremity but with the stillness of senses and taste for pleasure over living  - like breeding females and torturing the unlucky victims although some parts of them really onto Horror themes as well. My Super Sweet Stalker, Machine Girl, Fucked Up and Wasted, Charming Chicks with a Crucifix and Going Nuts with Splattered Guts feeding your emotions for louder, faster and non-conformist adult problems facing the world today. Crazy shootings, suicide bombers, chaotic society and time’s ticking to doomsday – truly now being our carousel ride in the new millennium.

A Healthy Dose Of Death: