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Zip Brain Electric (Sacred Bones 2011)

Random awareness about something is going to happened through your shows and the opening acts came across the stage sending odd-obvious sounds of Space-Rock oblivion to the listeners and there’s nothing you can do about it except grumps for them the futuristic silly group of Rock N’ Roll sounds making the world spinning around like a crazy flyer assaults aiming on the sense of belonging for those who about to weirdly rocking hard – Human Eye troops saluting you !

Frontman Timmy Vulgar brought his unit to criss-crossing thus unhinged juggernaut chaotic or unpredictable utilizing formats that used to introduced by The Dead Kennedys or Flipper whilst Proto-Punk to Psychedelic Hardcore releasing like a hurricane from the horrific band’s recording number three on the catalog; They Came From The Sky. 

Either the fashion-rule breakers rock-heads names of the group members like Johnny LZR or Colin Simon or Brad Hales representing their MC5 or The Stooges’ parade of wah-wah cracker-punk roots out of Detroit, Michigan – those tracks like Impregnate The Martian Queen Pt. 2 or Junkyard Heart or We Are The Peopleoids and The Movie Was Real must be a selective titles to try before you sniffing poisonous glue too much and die.

They Came From The Sky: