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Xerox Cosmos (Pinata Records 2015)

   Simple, Rock N’ Roll jangling people and common taste for the influential caught from names like Excel, Protex or The Gizmos even Buzzcocks and the Minneapolis polished group naming themselves Mystery Date is consisting  of Grady, Johnny and Steve as being a two singers and sensible of Pop-Punk power enduring record producing with the self-writing materials to be recorded for modern moods on New Noir. Power-Pop and Punk with harmony of the sixties meet the nineties era sounds of Alternative Rock music heritage soon shall caught your interest if you really into songs that telling about the story on Foreign Affaris, White City, Safety Trigger, Wouldn’t You Like to Know or This Can Only End in Tears as the anonymous meeting with romance and cheering tempos will be a great fashionable passion to your ears to listen.
Even when the World Comes Crashing; this album really helps you to getting through it singing the along-choirs together with Mystery Date three !

New Noir: