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World Ahhh Ury (Graveface Records 2017)

Post-Rock Shoegaze experiments and a lovely softer whispering vocals of female touch beyond the eerie atmosphere or the sad tales to be told once a listener got their access to the entrance for exploring these magnificent slow-core intervals and choruses with the trio: Tammy Hirata, Kim Field and John Ceparano baptizing their works under a name of The Stargazer Lilies. Since the debut release and followed with the second one; the band is already being infamously independent and the beauties and talents must be bigger than just a pure luck for them as you then knowing it, releasing the third one with – Lost, the harmonic intentions of artistic valuable secrecy build-up taller and stronger and the great photography over the artworks as well as a chance to change for someone to becoming a free wandering soul with no boundaries that can stopping your way.

The mystical reasons for unreasonable themes off Fukitol, Let It Go, Enter The Black Lodge, Sunday is Monday at Midnight through Bonnie & Clyde or Illumination. Don’t closing your eyes cause yours will be Lost; dragging by the lurking force of hypnotics carried by the music itself.