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Won’t Underwater (RCA 2003)

Not many people realized that the Canadian Vertical Horizon once believed to use their chance and playing on Woodstock off the ninety-nineteen-nine reports and as the band brought their old materials from a very successful recording release – the newer one also comes in as Matt Scannell on vocals/guitars, Ed Toth on drums/percussion to Sean Hurley on bass guitar as well as Keith Kane on vocals, acoustic guitars as a quartet piece of Modern Pop-Rock from Canada really suits your ears to have them back with the album – Go for your sing-along attraction.
Produced by John Shanks and trying to lifting the themes about the lost of family timing together and the anecdotes about the confirm of a younger age for bubble-boy’s swing needing to sterilized than the kid himself which seemingly contradicted. 
A contrary romantic and broken-hearted popular lyrics as well as a dedication for thanking the people behind their small success before and after this. Best choices are here for you: When You Cry, I’m Still Here, Forever, Sunshine, Goodbye Again and Echo. 

Brilliant Pop sense …