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Wondering Liquorice (Healthy Tapes 2016)

Elena Nees or Allume (pronounced as Ahh Loom) is a bedroom singer and music producer from Adelaide, Australia whom can be considerd as a fifty percent of hummingbird one might given her a super-sized thanks for making this slow-tunes gloomy record with a wiser sound as Allume making of Why Move Very Fast At All.
As being helped by her plenty amounts of friends around and the ability to recapturing herself floating in words, bathing the common sense lyrics writings, simple eerie voice and of course, wiser artworks as well; has given the audience a glimpse of health on why people needs to consuming more dreamy Pop-Ambient and experimental products to stay sane these days. 
As the whole things happened, don’t hesitate to try not avoiding the simple messages via Paperback or You Sleep Curled Up. 

Let the pale moon shines your sketchy world in less colors in small steps of downbeats …