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Wiv’ You (Independent 2016)

Within the raw drumming or the bluesy guitar screeching from the formatted group playing their usual rubbish materials of dual Garage Rock with Soul – here’s your Rennes – France’s band named Versatil Monster that sounded a bit like a retard beast than the scary ones but don’t get them wrong because through the power of a double duo force from drummer Gwen Rouxel and Arthur Paichereau the guitarist and guilty vocalist have leading this non-formal and sucked performance of those whom loved the fast speeding tempos, simplicity and the rest parade of short-forms lyrics straight with no further bull-shit messages or a doubt in their eyes and their hearts for creating this collateral damage music and noises on First Shot album. 

Stop comparing them to the rest bigger names from your Alternative Rock duet or couple catalogs over Drop It, Friends to Mayday and Joly Blues because these idiots will never care but giving the lethal punches to your face. Get ready to be bruised in black and blue – monsieur.

First Shot: