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Winterfell Skit (Bandcamp 2016)

   Eerie heavy beats and horror-themed basic on thus bloody commercial on murderous scenes taken a shoot from the lesser-known or favorable thrill or suspense movies off your Halloween’s marathon watch as Lil Baphomet brings you not only the statue figure of satan or Lucifer but a substructure militant MC and wizards of lyrics rapping masters of the underground praising the Gangsta-Rap life main courses and the side-effects as well as the world turning around them and beyond – as the record entitled Master Of Reality means that shooting people isn’t a crime but a self-defense towards how you need to survived the day seeing tomorrow these days; the loyalty isn’t a questionable but acts you need to show to your supreme leader. Smoking weeds is a healing ritual and screwing chicks is a custom or habit.
Don’t stop and turn but run and duck and after that don’t ever forget to shooting back; learn the hard ways from your own hoodie streets before you going to the next battle on another sacred ground as the intensive intense beats surroundings the vehicle going steady to the march of bulletproof signs on your chest or heads. 
Leading the rolls as hell burns behind and shouting anthems of I Don’t Give a Fuck (produced by Rioretti), Trust & Betrayal, Sensei (produced by Othasyde), Spirit Temple (produced by King George) or Into Tha Smoke (produced by Slim Boi D) getting you ready to kill again with a motherfuckin’ weapon gripping your fear tight. 

Master Of Reality: