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Winston Drive Saint (Dead Broke Rekerds 2012)

   Matt Reynolds,  Sal Fiteni and Yum-Yuckers from Halfway To Hell Club righteously, rocking their steps out of the hometown Lindenhurst, New York to go worldwide by making thus Post-Punk and Melodic Hardcore Pop possible and safety to listening by others participants not to aiming the third party that given evidence of try to make a good advantages using the greedy ways of course.    Releasing this second album on Bridges Matches & Gasoline consisting on ten tracks of simple, groovy and standard faster sounds available via the titles like Breathing is a Sign of Guilt, If It All Falls Aprt It’s All Our Fault (But Mostly Yours), Mediamanemanot as well as The Theology of Hyprocrisy may turning on your heads for having a good time listening on a Pop-friendly and Progressive Punk Rock energy with high-essence of energy scents brought onto your stereo system by the band.
   Don’t need no further sheets to write down your applying of curriculum vitae because the world is just a giant octopus monster – consuming too much souls and unlucky people working for the envy reasons.

Bridges Matches & Gasoline: