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Wings Memories (Radar Records 2009)

By the likes of a harder side brought to the rock and metal world before the dawn of sickening heavy Metal on the nineties era by Skid Row or Iron Maiden from Brazil with the thicker influences over Thrash Metal to Hard Rock and powerful lead female singer you would loved to have for fulfilling your dreams over a perfect rock-head girl-partner of life and Dani Nolden with Raphael Mattos, Fabio Carito and Fabio Buitvidas turning themselves a good answer from the "Suda-Americana" to US soils great female fronted bands like Halestorm or The Agonists and with the releasing of Dare To Dream; the holy book of heavy Metal once again re-opened by the new millennium child which might fulfilling the prophecy on the awakening of Hard Rock and Heavy Rock music in general since the hiatus hibernation since the late nineties until the curse had been broken and one of them releasing it free like a serpent out of the lair would be Shadowside crew.
Blown the stereo system and make your day fully head-banging harder as the protector of heavy aroma on mystical as well as spiritual within the loud music, riffs like hell and cool drumming and solos didn’t quite covering how awesome the lead vocals works here singing Hideaway, In The Night, Last Thoughts to Nation Hollow Mind and Life Denied. 

Amen !

Dare To Dream: