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Wind Spirits Laughter (Mega Dodo 2014)

   Good gracious god ! is it the new comforting efforts from Michael Stipe and R.E.M back from their hiatus ?  but no – as these four-piece of timeless blending as catchy for Power-Pop distinguished works on the release is Mark and The Clouds twisting their psyche evolving magic back for Pub-Rock and Indie Brit-Pop combinations with more digging for the heritage left by the old classic sixties Pop sounds of the Great Britain fronted well by Marco Magnani (lead vocals and songwriter). Via Blue Skies Opening; one would be delighted to have thus awesome soft wall of distortion and the semi-ballad with thicker layers over Psychedelic, Acid Folk, Rock and UK’s finest floating format for if it’s not the best releasing for the year said the media and some critics already but need to wait longer for approval; while looking up to the sky up there – let the tunes of peaceful project in powerful Pop-tones as well as the legacy of Arthur Brown’s Bluesy Brit-Rock emotional themes through You Call Me Brother, Music Disease, The Grudge, Darkened River to Goddess Of Desire and For All Diamonds to Shine may staying to hang or floats on air that late evening and echoed away radiates …

Blues Skies Opening: