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Will Meet Again (MCA Records 1991)

   Tom Petty becomes the main man leading this Rock band founded on the seventy-six era with several names also available by his side like Benmont Tench, Mike Campbell, Phil Jones, Ron Blair, Scott Thurston and Steve Ferrone in Gainsville, Florida never to dream about being one of those inducted Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame members like the rest of their influences and favorite artists who came before them. The seminal or legendary status may exactly crowned to these guys longer since the several recording works turned out to be great for being accepted by public on consuming the rock music and loud guitars sound and since then, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers established themselves not only as a Southern Rock or Pop-Rock group but slowly influencing thus newer Alternative Midwest Rock sounds and rural area musicians to assimilates their popular soft-tunes and gearing melodies to covering more listeners in many ages.
   Into The Great Wide Open must be the first ninties time works released by the band and as the trends co-working with the style of Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers; it is obviously easy for this album to be accepted worldwide by younger fans and older long-timed audiences of Tom and friends. Take these tracks on a one way ride or driving without any directions – just released yourself to the wilderness and let the instinct taking over the rocking heart of yours inside with Kings Highway, Two Gunslingers, Learning To Fly, All The Wrong Reasons, The Dark of The Sun until you’ve reached Built To Last. 

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