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White Satin Gown (Graveface Records 2011)

   Like a restless spirits of the frightened eve of 31st october; The Marshmellow Ghosts actually – a music project which haven’t got any permanent members but the joint-venture collaborations from some other settled groups for making intensive Progressive Indie Rock and Alternative Pop to a choice for another to choose when things get too damn boring these year. As Ryan Manon with the current members like Conal Cochran, Annie Brackett, Ben Meeker to Deborah Myers or Rachel Carruthers putting their sensation and loving for Stage and Screen ethereal music as well as Electronic-Rock to experimental Ambient and Avant-Garde for this self-titled recording that spawning some of the most peaceful and melodious catchy slow-softer performance, sounds and lyrics to providing a non-existence fear over life and invisible ghouls to believe in. The Hearse Song, Pig man’s Bridge, Séance at Murder Tract to Shall I be Anna or Anna Be  I ? aren’t just purelu, fictional themes to pick by them; some folklore or urban legends might be not as fake as you think of … 

The Marshmellow Ghosts: