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We Lost Contact (Varese Sarabande 2008)

Inexplicable or just a logic cause that one day disaster strikes – being released off mother earth’s living environments that has been destroyed completely by men; would be an explanation for the mysterious virus infecting most of the planet population of mankind struck within seconds and without warning through the thrill movie by M. Night Shyamalan entitled The Happening. Mark Walhberg, Zoey Deschanel and their small daughter must escaping the catastrophic event started as many doing their suicidal acts almost spontaneously since the horrible things begun. Mass suicide in Central Park of New York hit by somekind of toxin succumbing drivers restlessly with the authority and officers trying to figure out but ended up devastated by this unknown disaster lurking silently and hit the heart of the most populated places on the planet in sudden. Survivors unite one by one but then separated into groups trying hard to manage fast in runaway on whatever they can to getting out the city immediately. Friends and family died in a complete suicidal scenery as people jumping out from the buildings; car crashes as train and plane falling down from the sky like dead flies and flames and chaos flicks like fire thrown to the leaking gas station. While running into the outskirt of the town or small village; the survivors encountered many obstacle and horrific displays as people killing each other or themselves and the soundtrack which composing music made well creeping the audience by the orchestration and scoring tracks of instrumentals from James Newton Howard as you may experience them yourself via Power Outage or Cops Gun, Princeton to Zoo and others haunting suspends off Mood Ring, Jess Comforts Elliot or Evacuating NY really capturing the hideous strange paranormal event almost a reality through the film plot attached and complete. Even when it seems to be miraculous that the horrible thing just suddenly stop and stood there; other place like Paris then, got hits by the same unreasonable disaster as the cycle of mass suicides starting up back …

The Happening (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):