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Water April (Shelflife Records 2000)

Smile for the sunshine, smile for the Jangle-Pop that bursts out into the fresher midday sky, clearly like there’s nothing wrong with this moment as the music over the gladness collectively performed and being released onto the air today by the trio comprisingly known as Mikael Matsson, Christer Nilsson and vocalist Ingela Karlsson calling themselves The Shermans and bring this to you as part of their entertaining of honesty on the audiences interests off Indie Rock with regular amount of more Pop on its beats within the excellent miscellaneous recording after being compiled and then suddenly – fitting the outfit turning to be a good example of how sometimes a boring activity can be not as they’re used to be and here; let the album – In Technicolor borrowing you their good melodies, sixties Pop retro influences to the late 90’s era Alternative Pop sounds and harmony intact forwarding the essential delicious tracks that sending good feelings inside your brain with Practised Performance Sunday Morning, Dumbhead and Wasted Moments to Finding Time and Come December – might looking like a coincidence while Waiting For You on this Crazy World like the etiquette for behaving but focused on which dress you’ll  choose for your ex-husband’s second wedding day.

In Technicolor: