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Walk Righteous (Self-Released 2013)

Perth’s grimey Rock N’ Roll exponents turning global with their latest releases for the third times as the grits, riffs, power-stance groovy and Boogie Stoner Metal erupts heavier but in slow standard possibility as it sounds here over Ugly Creatures with a distinctive front cover that would making you commenting cynical.
Whether the music sounding like its coming from the Western desert embracing Doomy Bluesy stoned lyrics or themes; The Devil Rides Out consisted of Andrew Ewing (guitar, vocals), Joey K (vocals), Scott Paterson (bass) and Nathan Sproule might have been closely by similarity nearer to be based on the strong influences taken from life (itself) as well as Kyuss, Monster Magnet to Clutch and Shihad. Having their national tour supporting those influential names for them and favorable supported by some others on an immense reputations. 
Being nominated twice for the best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal artist as they’re appearance on Aussie’ Doomfest also attracting more interests from the Stoner Metal audience. 

Blown and bashing loud – these are the examples for you to know the band’s rocked music; Burn Out (4:04) or Empty Sky (5:58) among others.

Ugly Creatures: