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Vivid Country Inshallah (Indigenous Culture 2014)

   An introduction to those whom wanted to join black Lives Matter community but being a smart person individuals not some stupid followers like other – this recording must be encouraging you to think before you act and for those reason to fight as power compels the righteous; comes the responsibility to give knowledge to others aftermath. Pruven is here to erasing ignorance out from your mind and colored stigma might be just a cheap issue to fight later since the offering stages to some rapper names with him and these materials kept as one project to listening, to learn over Blood From Ancestors for the pursuits of equality over injustice, war history and aggressive touching topics surrounding new world enslavements while action need a changeof perspective and questions asked; the journey seems still long but Frustrated Alchemy, Uraeus Emblem, Anti-Superflous to Shot Glass ft. HaStyle or Stone Divers ft. Jak Progresso as well as Heliopolis ft. Sleep Sinatra showing us the new vision over struggles and how to send your demanding straight to the head of the imposter and tyrant rules to be re-think and afraid about what might comes later as the consequence for things they’ve done before to society.
An original materials for thought-provoking, conscious Hip-Hop, Underground Rap and no retreats until not guilty as proven brought to you by Pruven himself. 

Give thanks !