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Violence Blackjack (Big Chief Records 1988)

   Charlie Brownell, Pawl Willis, Richie Turner and Stuart Laurence are the lesser-known quartet from Austin, Texas whom didn’t really caring about either they’re going to be fucking famous or not and the story of Thrashy Heavy Metal goes with these guys doing their seminal brutality musical jamming as brought those blending for Death Metal/Southern Rock and Punk Hardcore on the releasing for God, Guns & Guts with the Thrash-Metal occult-tinged themes and more rednecks attitude displaying by them completely American and metallic to make the hater’s ears bleeding. The recording release should be a good introduction for you to knowing them a little bit much better as the answer from the Midwest unlawful country for Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies or even Overkill and the listed songs exploding here like Fiendish Plots, 4x4, Snakebite, Vicious Pack of Lies and Bag O’ Bones or Dead By Dawn will releasing thus aggressive thoughts and actions to the right correct place  or breaking your hillbilly neck; moron !