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Vibetech Horrible (Roadrunner Records 2014)

A great answer from Great Britain’s Alternative Rock scene to Paramore where the female lead singer Rebecca “Becca” McIntyre seems to be standing tall to fronting her infamous little band and sooner may be heard through your local metal radio or rock stations around town or just a flash news but who fuckin’ care about it; Marmozets as the original Bingley, West Yorkshire products has brought their Punk-Pop, Math-Core, Post Hardcore and Alternative Metal tangled vision towards their performance and you might knowing them sounding louder than your average Pop-Rock scenery music which also includes on board with jack Bottomly, Sam McIntyre, Will Bottomly and Josh McIntyre as brothers and siblings altogether here as they would giving you a smack harder than just a plain mosh-pit death jump or all day head-banging via the debut recording out of The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets. Melodic, harmful, positive and very sharp to those lame-asses ears to have them on their stereo; try to feel the bursts of energy rocking the shit out of you through Born Free and Young, Captive You, Cover Up, Particle, Love You Good or Why Do You Hate Me ? must be sounded like an alarm as parade of rock sounds normal that you’ve been waiting for today.

A sensual or screamo femme vocals means equality and thus melodic riff-age and drumming means good music to trace !

The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets: