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Venom Freakery (Relapse Records 2014)

Burning the whole supermarket nearby or even your house down today won’t change everything without listening to the breaking the rules themes formatted to the obliteration insensitive bastard noise over thus Grind-Core Garage blasting led by the recording session by released from this Repulsion’s pure fanatics metal-heads feeding on extreme riffs and double pedal chaotic drumming on the San Jose’s transgender vocalist/guitarist Dan Martinez turning female to Marissa with bassist making their full giant wave of Grind-Core and Death Metal group producing the disturbance noise for the urban Thrash-heads and mosh-pit community via Cretin.
This second releasing of them here – Stranger is a must grabbing record that shall fulfilling your independent collections of underground sounds enough to be proud of before you decided to burn everything on a stake or bonfire. 
Violent fuckin’ speed oozing goo of Napalm Death’s pissed off music shall definitely forcing you and your pals to go mosh-pit slamming at once; with Elizabeth Schall on lead guitars and former Exhumed drummer Col Jones on board to completing the band’s formation up – here are their join-venture products as a soundtrack for bursting flame the world on fire and tortures acts through Ghost of Teeth and Hair, The beast and The Drowning Bucket, Knights of The Rail, Sandwich for The Attic Angel and many of those horrific themes ready to break your neck or torn your body into half – you piece of shitty maggot trendy sucking balls prick !  

Stay heavy or die like a chicken !!!