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Vacation Peppermint (Bandcamp 2016)

   Alternatively indeed not to be called plain Surf Rock, Jazz, Punk, Psychedelic or Shoegaze without saying the word mixed or crossed-over for this Orange County group whose far from being the next similarity for 4 Non Blondes but only the costumes in colors but you might going to get more interesting to them if you’re into a deep sociable concern for many records from the good ol’ Californian Flower Generations era sounds found there on The Common Dandies releasing on the awesomely fun bizarre Adventures in Dandyland.
   Smoking pot harder with D.M Dandy (guitars, lead vocals) and Philly Dandy (bass, vocals) while Dickweed Dandy behind the drum-sets maybe too sleepy to play something faster and harder but only forbid this speed for entering their private own wonderland and joining the tea party of the surf-dogs retard. 
   Listen to the intriguing while flying caused by weed-smoking via Like Snow but More Like Halloween as well as Malibu Mushroom and Eden Exile Eden Lurker may causing you to have the same addictions as they do and forever stuck inside the garden of eden within thus joy reflections inevitable isolation predictably shocking on the dreamy paradise tales sounded like a drunken version for Indie-Rock second stage group on Lollapalooza … 

Adventures in Dandyland: